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Flat Spring Components

Even among the most talented and professional engineers, toolmakers and manufacturers, designing precision metal components with spring steel and thin gauge material can be extremely challenging.  At Moore Tool & Die we understand and excel in designing and manufacturing with all flat strip and coiled sheet precious metals. Some engineered designs require thin gauge sheet metal components with requirements to flex and return, where others designed for single use.  Whatever the application, we welcome new opportunities to assist with spiral torsion or power springs,  spring washers, constant force springs and other custom engineered springs.  

Custom Metal Clips

Oftentimes overlooked until late in the design process (unfortunately), custom metal spring clips and fasteners can be a difficult challenge to design for.  If your application requires high-volume production runs of a custom formed metal spring clip, bracket, clamp, or retainer, we’re here to help!  If you find yourself unsure where to start, we can assist early in the process and walk through the manufacturing process with you or your team. Custom sheet metal stamping and forming can be done with a variety of techniques, and we are here to help reduce costs as your flat spring supplier.               

Functional Spring Design

Considerations for spring design often include those expected like dimensional requirements, load and deflection allowances,  and overall component functionality.   Where Moore Tool & Die can offer assistance best is in the details.   Starting with a discussion and developing an understanding of the application, we can assist with material selections (thickness, alloy, etc)  and design for manufacturability considerations.  The environment the component will operate in, the frequency of cycles it will be required to overcome, and other factors are evaluated before entering into initial prototyping

Custom Electrical Contacts

In our technology driven world, electrical contacts and connectors keep us powered up and informed.  We help design and produce custom electrical contacts, connectors, and terminals using in-house cost-effective metal-stamping equipment.   Battery tabs,  grounding springs, PCB spring contacts, and RFI/EMI shielding components are just a few examples of strip metal parts manufactured in high volumes.  Infusing modern CAD/CAM design capabilities with Four-Slide metal forming machines allows for complex wire and strip forming techniques that can SAVE YOU MONEY over traditional prog die stamped parts.        

Need Custom Metal Clips or FLat Springs?

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