Purchased new and well maintained over the years, this versatile piece of equipment is considered to be the backbone of most Tool & Die shops.

Wire EDM

Mitsubishi FA 10 MD + Pro wire EDM. Enclosed in a dedicated climate controlled room for accuracy. 10 second auto threader, chiller, and submersible tank. 2 millionths resolution and cuts as it should, fast and accurate.

Vertical Milling Centers

Shizuoka B-5V and B-10V VMC’s primarily used for PTOP ops while prepping die sections and machining die shoes. Older Fanuc 11M controls are DNC drip fed from a workstation

Surface Grinders

Okamoto 12 X 24 inch automatic wet surface grinder with adjustable chuck.


The newest addition to the shop, this compact abrasive waterjet has become an integral tool for rapid prototyping.

Four-Slide Forming

Multiple wire and strip forming machines, capable of high volume mass production runs 

Equipment List:

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