We Inspect, Repair, Sharpen, and Rebuild YOUR Tooling and Dies That Keep AMERICA Producing

Emergency Repairs For Tools & Dies

You can put your trust in Moore Tool & Die to repair manufacturing tools and stamping dies on the fly, prioritizing your work as necessary to get your production back up and running.  Whether your sheet metal die punch needs sharpening ASAP  or you’ve cracked your original stamping die, we’re here to help! We enthusiastically welcome new customers and challenges, with reverse engineering capabilities to assist as needed. We have the ability and the desire to tackle your dilemma as soon as RIGHT NOW.  

Tooling Inspection and Maintenance

We ensure the highest quality of production by keeping your metal stamping  punches and form tools clean, sharp and aligned by our team.  If you are like most other manufacturers across America, a rapidly dwindling workforce of capable toolmakers has resulted in a knowledge gap in the industry.  Let us help educate your team on proper prog die preventative maintenance and industrial tooling service requirements as a manufacturing partner.  Tool and die maintenance can be confusing, we are here to help! We have seen it all, and can help avoid catastrophic failures BEFORE they occur!  Make die maintenance and repair a top priority today.

Manufacturing Cost Reduction

Eliminate the labor involved in excessive deburring or the crippling costs associated with out-of-tolerance parts by keeping your tooling properly maintained, optimized or redesigned entirely by our team. We have experience maintaining and building complex progressive dies to simple form tools and fixtures. We can help ensure consistent part production from your sheet metal tooling, precision dies or press brake mold. We will quickly sharpen and return worn stamping press dies and punches or build duplicates or replacements. With our precision machine shop and expertise, you can consider Moore Tool & Die your new “in-house toolroom” .       

Manufacturing Productivity

Keep your metal stamping punch press operators productive and your process flowing while we handle the precision maintenance required.  In most cases, we will plan for die maintenance at a convenient time planned by you.  If needed, we can come to your shop or factory to assist in troubleshooting or maintaining your single hit or progressive stamping dies.  Reduce machine downtime and increase productivity with a proactive tooling maintenance approach.  Because each of our customers has a unique manufacturing process, all tool and die maintenance suggestions are tailored specifically  for YOU.      

Can we Service or Repair Your Tooling?

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