We Manufacture Precision Metal Components Found in Equipment and Products Shipped Around the WORLD

High Volume Metal Stamping

Our multiple four-slide strip and wire stamping and forming machines are capable of high volume runs for mass production. Our Design For Manufacturing (DFM) expertise combined with years of lean manufacturing techniques oftentimes results in significant reductions in scrap material and equipment run time.  As a result, opportunities to reduce Costs of Goods Manufactured (COGM) for supply chain managers, purchasers, and sourcing professionals can be captured through thoughtful design. All around, we truly believe our difference is in the ability to deliver a WIN-WIN-WIN solution for the customer.  This is achieved through an environmentally friendly, high quality, cost effective metal stamping product.  

Thin Gage and Intricate Parts

You’ll find that we are unlike any other metal stamping company you’ve worked with in the past. Our engineering expertise and first-hand understanding of material properties of spring steels and exotic metals allows for a conversational level discussion that you can actually understand. Oftentimes found in medical device components and critical parts in the technology sector, precision sheet metal contacts and flat spring clips can be difficult to accurately manufacture in volume.  Our team of professionals will handle all of the details surrounding the execution of mid-volume and high-volume production.  Custom sheet metal spring clips, terminal contacts, emi shielding, battery contacts, and flat spring components produced in negotiable order quantities.      


We design and optimize the tooling and high speed metal forming or stamping process to ensure consistent parts that meet tolerances based on previous experience.  Working with Fortune 500 companies, Small Businesses and partners around the country we have worked with metals of all types and thicknesses.  Continuously improving our processes and running the parts in-house, inspecting and shipping to  you “worry free” is where thrive.  As a proud American precision sheet metal stamping manufacturer and engineering house,  we understand and stay flexible with production ramps and inventory control for production parts.  You can rely on Moore Tool & Die to deliver on time results for custom metal stamped and formed parts.       


Increased quality, reduced lead times, and intellectual property protection are paramount to our business.  We will hands down exceed any previous expectations you may have of globally sourced contract manufacturing companies.  Our capabilities allow for mass production runs of precision metal components with tight tolerances down to the millionths of an inch. Working with business owners and product design engineers, Moore Tool & Die will help make buying American metal stamped components and production parts cost effective.  High volume manufacturing as  YOUR precision stamping partner.          

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